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A beautiful Podenco mix girl, born on April 20th, 2022, approx. 37 cm high at the shoulder, approx. 9 kg, vaccinated, chipped, neutered and with her EU passport she can go anywhere after her 2nd rabies vaccination on April 19th leave. Your blood tests are scheduled for next week.

She is a very friendly and happy little girl who is looking for her place in a loving family. By the way, it seems to us that she has already been in a family before. Her behavior is very calm and loving.

You can visit her anytime in our kennel in Sabinillas/Malaga.

Until then, she has accepted the position of stepmom for our puppy DANA, who missed her mom sorely.



New arrival at our kennel in Sabinillas/Malaga: our  JASPER 

Welcome little JASPER

He is a purebred Ratonero Bodeguero Andaluz, tricolor, born on July 10th, 2022, approx. 35 cm shoulder height, weighs 9 kg, vaccinated, chipped, neutered, blood tested negative for 4 different diseases and ready to travel abroad with his EU passport after his 2nd rabies vaccination on April 19th.

JASPER is a very lively, friendly and loving little boy who has shown more than anyone else that the world is waiting for him. He shows his affection clearly, is very friendly, has no aggressiveness and drives the car without any problems.

Next week he will go to foster care where he will learn everything else.

He looks forward to every visit. So what are you waiting for?

DANA adopted!

Today, 20th April 2024, was DANA's day. She has been adopted. Her new family came and picked her up to bring her home to her new big sister. A new life can start!!

We are very happy for her and wish her all the happiness in the world. 

Many thanks to Lisa and family for giving her this loving home.

We helped!

We helped these two handsome Ungarian Galgos to find a new home. Therefore we are happy that both of them went to one of our members to enjoy their new forever home.

Thank you so much Gabi

JAKE adopted!

We are especially happy about the adoption of Jake, who was abandoned after 6 years in his family and came to us completely distraught. We acted immediately and introduced him to the vet. Unfortunately, it was as expected: he had neither a rabies vaccination nor any other necessary vaccinations, no valid passport or microchip - nothing! We got everything done as quickly as possible and also had him neutered. Over time, he got used to his foster mum and sooner than we would have expected, his new owner got in touch with us and adopted him. He will now be picked up personally by her new mum on 18 January and will start his journey to Austria.
We sincerely wish him the loving home he deserves and that everyone will be absolutely happy together, which we assume will be the case. 
Enjoy your new life, you unique, lovable treasure.

1000 tanks to Isabella 

KARA adopted!

Our very sweet dog girl, who has been rescued by us together with her sister HONEY from the big fire in Mijas in September 2022 found her forever home on a huge finca near Gaucin on 2rd April 2024.

We are more than happy for her and thank Andre for his love to her.

TIO adopted!

We are happy to inform you, that our cute little Tio has been adopted by a German Lady. He will travel to his new home mid of January 2024.

Have a great and spoiled life little Tio and enjoy every day.

BENJI adopted!

We are happy to inform you, that our cute little Benji has been adopted by a Swedish Lady on 2nd May 2024. His new mummy was fosterinh him foe a short time and now decided that her and her doggy Coco can't live without him anymore. Good for Benji.

Have a great and spoiled dear Benji and enjoy every day and many thanks to his new mum Erica and sister Coco.

DOMI (now Alfie)

07.07.2023 - what a beautiful day for our DOMI. He has found his loving family and can now look into the future without any worries. He is now called ALFIE and learns everything a young dog has to learn. We wish you and your family only the very best and a long life together in love and happiness.  

Thank you Laura and Thomas :-)

MINO (now Pablo)

MINO has found his loving home in Finland! Adopted in May 2023. Now he is the brother of our former DOMINO dog CHARLIE. Happy dogs, happy family! What else do we want more?

Many thanks to Hanna and Harri!

BUDDY (former  Benji)

Benji got the jackpot! Adopted by a loving family in May 2023. Happy dog, happy family! What else do we want more?

Many thanks to Denise and Toni


Happy to inform you that our darling WINNIE found a loving home, a sweet dog-brother and her own bed in La Cala in March 2023.

Many thanks to Julie

Went over the rainbow bridge. RIP little sweetheart. We will love you for ever.
Spanish Waterdog 

A beloved little darling born with a genetic heart defect that took her life on 29 March 23. We and the loving adoptive parents are heartbroken.

went over the rainbow bridge. RIP little sweetheart. We will love you for ever. Spanish Waterdog 

The sister of little Feefi (same litter) also a so much loved little darling born also with a genetic heart defect that took her life on 28th April 2023. We and the loving foster parents Thomas and Laura as well as their kids are heartbroken.

SAMURAYA adopted!

Hello, I would like to introduce myself:

My name is SAMURAYA. I am new to DOMINO and am looking for my own basket.

I was born on 5 June 2022 and am about 45 cm shoulder high and 12 kg. light. My coat colour is white with black. I don't have a specific breed to show, but I am still a beautiful dog.

I am chipped and vaccinated and have my EU passport. However, I still need to be spayed.

I would be happy if you were interested in me and would like to become my family. Please contact Petra on +34 620 651 365 or +49 157 3067 5662. I look forward to meeting you.


STINKER now TONY adopted

Our sweetheart TONY (former Stinker) also had a happy ending in a loving English family here in Spain. In April 2023 he has been adopted and moved into his new nice family.
On behalf of TONY, we would like to thank her new parents Ian and Sheila very much. 

KARA adopted

RUBIO adopted!

RUBIO got the jackpot! Adopted by our animal loving member family Ferry and Hans in Netherlands in Autumn 2023. Million thanks to both of them

Happy dog, happy family! What else do we want more? Rubio, you are in paradise now!

HONEY adopted !

We are very happy that we could find a new and loving home for our Honey. She has been recued from the big Mijas fire together with her sister Kara. In September she left us for her new caring home in Germany. 

We thank Elke very much to make this possible.

KENYA adopted !

Our little Kenya also had a happy ending in a loving German family here in Spain. In September (after our summer break) she moved into her own basket.
On behalf of Kenya, we would like to thank her new mummy Christa very much. 

ZAFIRA adopted !

On 06 of June 2022 our little sweetheart ZAFIRA started her new life with her loving mummy Zoe on the island Mallorca. 
We wish this little, friendly girl all the best from the bottom of our hearts.
Our thanks go to Zoe

Comment of the owners:

CHARLIE adopted

We are so happy!!! Our dear Bodeguero Charlie has finally found his loving family. 
His life was not easy: abandoned, half-starved, he arrived in the perrera where we found him unhappy, but not giving up hope for a better life. From that moment on, we put his wish into practice and took him first to our kennel for medical purposes and then to loving foster parents to be pampered and gain weight. Unfortunately, this only worked for a limited time. The house dog there didn't like Charlie, so he had to go again. An odyssey for the loving dog.
After some time with lots of affection and special food in the kennel, he gained weight and became more confident again and then the decisive moment came!!!
His adoptive parents came forward and loved him from the first minute. Now they are coming in early May to take him home to Finland. 
What a luck for Charlie, a loving cuddler!!! We will miss him!

TOFFEE adopted !

On 22nd of April 2022, TOFFEE's life also began anew. This was the day he started his journey to his new home and loving family in Germany, where he was welcomed with open arms. 
We wish the little, friendly boy all the best from the bottom of our hearts.
Our thanks go to Gaby, Chris and Dominik

Comment of the owners:

Vielen lieben Dank an Domino Dogs Málaga 😘und ein herzlichen Dank an Petra. Unser Toffee ist in Deutschland angekommen. Wir sind so dankbar, dass wir ihn adoptieren durften. Ihr macht einen tollen Job. Liebe Petra, du hast dir so viel Mühe gegeben, und wir sind froh, dich kennengelernt zu haben❤️macht so weiter und wir wollen auch nicht den Kontakt einschlafen lassen.Toffee ist eine Seele von Hund. Wenn uns jemand fragen würde, ich möchte ein Hund adoptieren, dann würde ich euch immer weiterempfehlen. Wir sind so dankbar Lg Gabi, Christoph und Dominik 😘😘❤️

MIA adopted! 

Adopted bei a very nice elderly couple in February 2022.

She will stay in Spain.

Many thanks

BUDDY adopted !

We are very happy that we could find a new and loving home for Buddy. Yesterday 8th of March 22 he was allowed to move in and as you can see, he already feels right at home. All the best and a lot of love little darling.

Thank you Paula


This is one of the happiest days and here's why:
Our member Krista, who has been fostering our Cashew for months, is going to adopt him soon and I know that we have given Cashew the best that is possible. He loves his family and his future sister Lottie very much and everyone loves him. What could be better????
My thanks go to Krista and her husband for their love to Cashew. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
3 words: We are happy 🥰❤️😘

DIVA adopted!

Diva has been adopted! She will stay in Spain. Thank you Piia!

LANA adopted!

She has been adopted! She will stay in Spain. Thank you Edina!


has been adopted on 11th November and she will stay in Spain. Thanks very much very much Andrew

NALA adopted!

has been adopted on 5th January and she will stay in Spain. Thank you very much Andrea

Comment of the owner:

If you want to adopt a dog, contact Domino Dog! Petra is amazing! She puts all her energy in Domino to find the best new home for the dogs. She very responsive, competent and friendly, what makes the adoption process very smooth and pleasant. The dogs are lovely treated, happy and in great health. It's wonderful! Thanks to her I am now owner of the most wonderful and happiest dog ever!!! I can highly recommend Domino and Petra! Don't shop, adopt at Domino ❤️

SIMBA adopted!

Happy to anounce that Simba, our White Siberian Husky traveled to Finland on 16th of October 2021. Thank you Jaana

DEBBIE adopted!

has been adopted in December 2021. She will stay in Spain. Thank you Michael